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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


CFWU x 2 x 10

10 --> 1 reps of:
Deadlift: 135# (only 10 --> 6)
Bench press: 65# (75# for last 5 rounds)
Cleans: 70#

Time: 30 minutes

41 push-ups (counting the bench presses as the first 55, for a sort-of total of 96)

Notes: I haven't lifted heavy in a long time, partly because of the New Year's Resolution and I-want-to-wear-a-bikini-for-spring-break crowds in the gym. Time to get back into it though. I went early but was thwarted by a weight-lifting class. Every time I left one of my bars, someone switched out the weights and started using it. Sigh. So I didn't do the last of the deads - probably a good choice, since my lower back is sore enough now as it is.


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