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Sunday, November 18, 2007

IM Ultimate

Had a really wonderful weekend in San Francisco, where I got to see three friends I grew up dancing ballet with.

Returned to Davis midday Sunday and went straight to our IM frisbee team's playoff game. We lost, by a substantial margin, which was not unexpected. I'm disappointed with how I played though. I was a mess - wheezing way too much for the amount of sprinting I did. (It's probably asthma... one of these days I need to try Scott's inhaler and see if it makes my breathing any easier, or at least quieter.) To make matters worse, I had three ridiculous drops - one should have been a score, and the other two would have been big gains. I was just focusing on the glory, not on the moment. Duh.

Still, a beautiful day to be outside. Crisp, sunny fall weather. Our team has come a long ways over the course of six weeks. Looking forward to playing with them again in the spring.



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