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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Injured hamstrings?

I felt an acute pain in my right hamstring on Thursday, and both of them were very tight all day Friday and Saturday. Scott gave them a lovely massage Saturday night, and they were feeling better this morning, until I went out for a run. I was planning to do a tabata, but 4 minutes into the warm-up jog, the left one started feeling pretty bad. I walked for a moment, then turned around and jogged home. I'm really nervous about hamstring pulls after seeing everything that Scott's gone through with them. I *really* want to be able to play in Fools next month! Eek!

40 push-ups (Part of the push-up challenge)

Pull-up pyramid - I did 15 pull-ups in the first 5 minutes, and did 6 mixed-grip pull-ups during the 6th minute. My chin was barely above the bar for most of them though.

Planks: 2 minute front, 1 minute per side, 1 minute front

Lots of hamstring stretching...


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