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Thursday, October 05, 2006

800m runs


- Did my pull-ups and dips with minimum assistance, still used the foot bar for stability.

WOD 061005
3 x 800m run

3:15 (?)

The second effort definitely felt the best - I was warmed up but not fatigued. On all three, I started at 9.5 mph and dropped to 9.0 after 3.5 miles. (In the third one, I dropped down to 8.0 mph.) It's been quite some time since I've done 800s! They're hard, but I'm glad I did them.

A few minutes on the foam roller. My IT bands and calves were super sore at the concert last night.

Injury note - I hurt my right wrist last night. My bike slipped while I was hanging it up. I don't think it's *too* serious, but definitely annoying. The pain goes up outside edge of my forearm. I feel it most when I hold a coffee cup - supporting weight at that angle is bad. Fortunately, pull-ups felt find, and dips didn't bother it until the end of the last set.


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