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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Thursday, September 21st
Ultimate practice
Felt pretty sore and worn out from the Tabata workout, particularly in my quads. I forgot how much I can wear myself out in 16 minutes! Consequently, I had a very low-energy practice. No fun.

Friday 9/22
Pilates in the morning. Quads still super sore, and my core felt weaker than usual. Nice to have a not-so-hard workout day.

Saturday 9/23
Two clique games. We didn't have many women, so I got lots of playing time. I handled a bunch, though, and somehow didn't run all that much. It was good to be on the field, but it didn't feel like a workout.

Sunday 9/24
BRDM practice - really, just a little warm-up and some drills and then a scrimmage against Bond. I didn't feel great... sort of slow... probably due to a late night on Saturday night.

Monday 9/25
I don't think I did anything.

Tuesday 9/26
Felt great today! Did pilates over lunch, and felt strong. Felt energetic and quick at practice. Hooray! It was a short practice, though, since it gets dark so early these days.


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