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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Turkey & Bleu Cheese WOD

I just finished my workout and am still feeling a little light-headed. It was a doozie!

Turkey & Bleu Cheese Workout (Thanks, Kim, for posting it!)
25 kettle bell swings (40# dumbbell)
50 squats
25 Sumo dead lift high pulls (40# dumbbell)
400 m run

25 pull ups (90# pull-down - no pull-up bar in the little gym)
50 squats
25 push ups
400 m run

25 push jerks (Presses with a pair of 10# dumbbells)
50 squats
25 burpees (10 pull-downs + 15 burpees)
400 m run

Total time: 27:30

I don't think my legs have fully recovered from last week - they were starting to feel pretty tired during the first round today. I should give them some more time off this week and try to focus on my upper body.

Yoga tonight! Yay!


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