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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Track workout

1-mile jog, plyos, stretching

3 sets of the Z Drill

10 pushups, 1-minute plank

5 x 40m sprint
Sprint home on my bike to get the car and an ice pack... Scott pulled his hamstring - the other one, the one he wasn't nursing back to health. Arrive back at the fields in time for:

10 pushups, 1-minute plank

3 x 10 ground jumps
3 x 10 tuck jumps
1 x 10 one-legged jumps (10 per leg)

Notes: I'm totally bummed out that Scott's injured and probably won't get to play for the rest of the season. We met on the frisbee field but haven't played on the same team since that first year. I was really looking forward to playing with him again this summer, but it is not to be. I feel sad... and I'm not even the one who has to stop playing.


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