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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cindy... in decline

Wow, I only got through 11 rounds of Cindy this morning (in 20:10). That's a whole round less than last week (October 17).

Possible causes:
- I was out late last night at the end-of-the-season team party. Lots of alcohol and sugar consumed.
- I've been doing a lot more upper body and CrossFit workouts this week than usual. My body needs time to readjust.
- I'm getting a little burned out on Cindy. I love the convenience of this workout, but the 20 minutes just drags on... Maybe I should put this one away for a while and pick a new favorite at-home workout. (Like 100 burpees... but I dread that one.)


At 5:26 PM, Blogger mie said...

Try Mary for a change =)

Today, I thought about doing 100 burpees, but I changed it up and did 10 rounds of 12 burpees and 12 pull ups. There are many many ways to vary up the workouts, and you won't have to think, "Ugh, I have to do Cindy again..."


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