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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Arboretum run

4.5 - mile run through the Arboretum, in just over 37 minutes. No sprint intervals, just a good pace.

Now that the Ultimate season is over (we came in 6th at Regionals! Quite an accomplishment, given the stiff competition in the NW region.), and my class schedule is under control (I'm taking chemistry, biology and physiology this quarter), I need to get motivated about getting into a good exercise routine. I'm excited about going climbing again, and about getting back into the gym for more CrossFit workouts. Here's what I'm thinking about, for starters:

Go climbing once a week
Do a sprint workout (tabata) once a week
Do a metabolic CF workout once or twice a week
Play some Ultimate pickup, or whatever else comes along. (Maybe IM soccer?)


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