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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sprint workout

Warm-up: jog 1 lap (2+ minutes), plyos & dynamic stretching

300 yds (sprint to a cone 50 yds away and back, 3x)
- Rest 1:15
200 yds (25 and back, 4x)
- Rest 1:15
200 yds
- Rest 5:00
Repeat 300, 200, 200
- Rest 2:00
Jog 2 laps (4:44)
28 sit-ups in 1 minute

Notes: Yards instead of meters because I did this in cleats on a football field. A good workout - as good for the lungs as it was for the legs. Wish I had a partner to throw with afterwards. Wish I could do push-ups! (Although part of me is happy to be free of the push-up challenge for a few days... it does get tedious.) My back doesn't feel as bad today, but maybe that's just because I took some naproxen sodium with breakfast.


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