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Friday, May 15, 2009

Sprint tabata + animal conditioning

Ultimate warm-up: plyos, dynamic stretching

Sprint tabata
5-minute (2 lap) cool-down jog

Animal Conditioning
5 x 30/30 tiger prowl
5 x 30/30 crab
5 x 30/30 kangaroo
5 x 15/45 sprint

135 push-ups

Notes: I was testing this out for next week's Night Train track workout, and I really like it! I wasn't sure how the last set of sprints would go, but it actually feels really good to run fast after all those awkward animal movements, and it's great to have 45 seconds of rest. The push-ups were tough - I tried to do a set of 15 at the top of every minute, but I fell behind a few times. I did them in under 12 minutes, I think. I didn't do anything (no push-ups, no pull-ups) yesterday - I was pretty sore, but I should have done them anyways. I'll do some pull-ups to tonight to make up for it.


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