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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Track workout

Warm-up: Jog to track, plyos

4 laps of: sprint the straights, jog the curves
40 throws
1 minute of push-ups (30 reps)
1 minute of sit-ups (23 reps?)
40 throws
4 more laps of sprinting/jogging

A little work on making good dump cuts
Cool-down plyos, static stretching
Jog home
100 more push-ups (130 total today)

Notes: Pretty good workout - Scott helped me on my sprinting technique, and it felt pretty good, and he said it looked really good, so that's exciting! (More arm pumping, higher knees.) I think I'll assign this workout to Night Train this week.

(Ugh, I'm allergic to something out on the track and am very sneezy and drippy right now.)


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