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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Cramp Up Day 1

Played 4 games:
Won the first one by a little (9-7?).
Won the second by a medium amount (13-8?).
Won the third by a LOT (13-0).
Lost the fourth by a hair (13-12?).

I was pretty happy with how I played, but I certainly would have been happier with more playing time. We had 9 women, so I was only on for about a third of the points, plus I was handling a lot so didn't get to run around as much as I would have liked. It was pretty windy, but at least the rain held off until right after our last game was over!

121 push-ups back at the hotel, and some more at the party - acrobatic push-ups, though, where you do them on top of someone else, or in a big circle with your feet on someone else's shoulders. Fun! I think we got about 4 people stacked up in a head-to-toe plank tower before we collapsed (giggling). No photo documentation, sadly.


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