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Friday, July 17, 2009

Track workout

Jog to the track

2 x 400m, 5 minute rests between & after
4 x 200m, 3' rests
6 x 100m, 1' rests

Jog/walk home

Just need to whine for a little bit...
Uf da, I was super tight (hamstrings & inner thighs) starting out. Not sure why... I haven't done that mugh lately... maybe that's the reason. The prescribed workout was longer (8 x 50m, and 15 x 15m) but I pooped out. Scott pooped out halfway through the 200's (he badly needed an inhaler), and I didn't have much motivation.
I haven't felt energetic/athletic for a while now, not since I pulled my back. I was injured for a week, and then I've been sick and/or stressed since then. I'm flying home this weekend for my grandma's funeral, and then I've got 2 weeks left of organic chemistry. Just need to push through... Ugh.


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