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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ultimate weekend

Just a quick post to announce that I had a great weekend and arrived home in Davis safe and sound. I drove down to Santa Cruz early on Saturday morning and met up with the Caltech team. (Michelle, a former college teammate, invited me to play with them.) The fields were very dewy, so I played with damp feet all day long, and I'm going to lose one of my big toenails as a result. Gross.

Besides that, it was a great weekend. We played four games on Saturday, and I had the privilege of scoring the winning "universe" point of our last game. We only played two games today, which was about all I had energy for.

We finished around 1:00, and I got back to Davis around 4:30. I ate (a lot) and went for a walk with Scott, which was a good loosening up of the muscles after the drive but made me realize how tired my legs are. Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.


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