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Monday, May 26, 2008

Owens Gorge climbing trip

For a flowery account of the trip (with pictures!), read this post.

The bare-bones account, for my records:

Saturday, 5/24
Central Gorge, Health Club wall
- Center Court - 5.8
- Sneakaroma - 5.9
- Flex Your Bazooka - 5.9 (A tall one! Fun!)
- Helga's Holiday - 5.7 (on the Atilla the Hun wall)

Sunday, 5/25
Upper Gorge, All You Can Eat Cliff
- Crotalulsley Challenged - 5.6
- Step Right Up - 5.8
- Alfred Hitchcrack - 5.8 (A nice fun crack)
- Cinderella - 5.9 (a fun corner)

Monday, 5/26
Bouldering at Happy Boulders
Not sure the names or ratings of anything we did, but I'm proud of myself for doing a tough underclingy problem.


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