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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Track workout

1-mile warm-up jog (8 minutes)

Z drill (lots of small, sharp cuts) - 10 catches, 3 times through
20 push-ups
30 crunches

3 x 3 x 30m sprints
- 1 minute rest between each sprint (and 10 throws w/a partner)
- 3 minute rest between each set (30 throws)
20 push-ups
30 crunches

10 ground jumps (squat and touch the ground, then jump straight up)
10 tuck jumps
20 one-footed jumps (10 per leg)
10 sets of: 3 forward jumps + 1 vertical jump

No time for a cool down - off to a pre-trip meeting for the weekend's climbing trip!!

Notes: This workout was so much easier than the 200m sprints! The Z drill is tough, but the 30m's felt like a breeze!


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