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Friday, November 17, 2006

Basic Strength Standards (Rest Day)

Just added a section to my sidebar: Goals and Records. I got the goals from the Basic Strength Standards table and used numbers for a 148# woman.

Rambling reflections...

It's interesting comparing the un-trained to the novice column:
Press = 136% increase
Bench = 130%
Power Clean = 185%
Squat = 185%
Deadlift = 185%

The subsequent increase, from novice to intermediate, is much less dramatic - about 116% in each case. Why is that? The footnote assumes that the un-trained person can do the lifts correctly, so it's not like she suddenly learns correct form and can instantly lift significantly heavier weight. Maybe it's just saying that the novice is substantially stronger than the average person. Does it have anything to do with the muscles involved? The last 3 lifts, with 185% increases, all involve hip flexion and extension.


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