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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lots of weights

Warm-up: 5-minute row (damper #7, 71 calories)

Alternating sets, 2 sets per exercise.

Bench Press w/dumbbells, legs elevated: 30# x 8, 32.5# x 8
--> increase weight
Deadlift/Upright row, 60#: 8, 8

Decline press w/dumbbells: 30# x 8 x 2
--> increase weight
Reverse Row, varying grip widths: 15, 15

Thrusters, 70#: 8 (5/3), 8 (4/4)
Weighted Boxer Crunch w/dumbbells: 8# x 10, 10# x 10
--> increase weight

Front Squats: 95# x 8, 65# x 10
--> BAD form! Help!
Hamstring curl on med. ball: 8, 8
--> Use Swiss ball next time

Deadlifts: 125# x 8, 135# x 8
--> increase weight
Dips w/40# assistance: 8, 8
--> decrease weight

Push-ups to failure: 10/6/4/6/4 (30 total)

My front squat needs work. My legs were fine, but my wrists were dying. I tried to have high elbows, but that just pushed the bar into my neck, which felt even worse. Ack. I went down in weight for the second set, to try to fix my form, but to no avail.

I felt like I was pushing from my toes on the thrusters - no good.


At 6:12 AM, Blogger mie said...

front squats are tough on my wrists too. But the bar should be resting on your shoulders, not your neck. you may have to roll the bar lower (i sometimes find that i'm "holding" the bar with 2-3 fingers)

Are you doing warm up sets for all those exercises? How long does it take you to finish? why not do less exercises, and up the intensity?

At 8:51 AM, Blogger Libby said...

Thanks for the tips Mie. Next time, I'll definitely start with an empty bar and work up from there.

I'm doing the workouts prescribed by the personal trainer I'm working with. Definitely a different approach than CrossFit and Starting Strength! (They take longer, for one thing...) Right now I still prefer CF and SS, but I'll give this 3 weeks and see how I feel.


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