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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Cal States Day 1

Tournament at UC Santa Cruz this weekend - their fields have the most gorgeous view out over the bay, so it's always fun to play there (especially when it's sunny and not foggy!).

We played just 3 games on Saturday.
- Won the first, against Dutch Rudder (13-5 or something?).
- Lost the second, against. A.I.R. (super frustrating - we were up at half 7-3 and then lost 11-10 on universe point).
- Lost the third, against Mishchief - they're a nationals caliber team, so the loss was expected, but we definitely didn't play as well against them as we would have liked. We stayed with them for the first half, and then scored just a few points during the second. Darn.

156 push-ups during the bye.


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