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Saturday, February 17, 2007

More thoughts on training for tournaments.

Found this post on Vern Gambetta's blog - a question and response on training for tournament play. Wondering if anyone who reads this blog has thoughts on it?

My only thoughts:
1. I need to get to the track more often.

2. What's the difference between speed endurance and aerobics? How would you train to emphasize one over the other?


At 12:29 PM, Blogger AG said...

not sure what gambetta intends the difference between speed/endurance and aerobic capacity to be. maybe muscular endurance vs. overall stamina?

i only glanced at his post but I agree with the idea of getting strength/power up first -- because it takes longer to develop than does conditioning -- and then working on conditioning more towards the tourney.

a powerful athlete should be equipped to sprint repeatedly in a single game. a powerful athlete who has retained strength/power and also has developed good conditioning should be prepared to sprint on the last game on sunday.

At 10:45 AM, Blogger Jerry said...

Hey Libby,

I found your blog through CFDC...I help Tom out on Sundays.

Vern's use of aerobics week 3 seems a bit odd...he appears to use it as deloading from the previous 2 weeks work...most would simple back-off on volume and/or intensity...because your event is 90 minutes he must think that keeping that duration high but at a low intensity to be beneficial?

To try and answer 2 in simple running terms:

speed/power would be very short sprints with lots of rest

speed/endurance would be mid range distance sprints with equal work to rest ratio.

Aerobics would be long slow distance at conversational pace.

You should run this by Tom, he might have a training program for you.

In Strength,


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