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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Warm-up: 500m row (1:53)


Round 1:
21 thrusters @ 50#
7 pull-ups w/55# assist, 14 @ 70# assist

Round 2:
15 thrusters @ 50#
5/10 pull-ups with 55#/70# assistance

Round 3:
9 thrusters @ 60# (yay!)
3/6 pull-ups with 55#/70# assistance

Time: 12:15

NOT feeling so hot about this workout. It was worse than when I did this a year ago. I tried doing the thrusters with a pair of dumbbells totaling 65#, but only knocked out 3. I need to practice those. And why are pull-ups so hard?

5 x 20# (5 right arm, 5 left arm)
5 x 22.5#
5 x 25#

Last but not least
Also, I realized that when I did presses last week, I thought I was lifting more than I actually was. The bar I used weighs 35#, not 45#. Kind of the icing on the cake, huh?

I slept better last night, but my back was still very sore when I woke up. I think it's on the mend though.


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