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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lots of jumping at CFD

Warm-up: plyos, dynamic stretching. Tossing a wallball with a partner (16#.)

Workout: AMRAP in 20 minutes of...
Broad jump the length of the gym. Take that number and...
Do that many wallballs.
Broad jump the length of the gym again. Add it to your first total and...
Do that many push-ups, sit-ups and double-unders.

Round 1: 12 jumps, 12 wallballs (16#), 11 jumps, 23 push-ups, 23 sit-ups, 23 double-unders
Round 2: 11 jumps both times, 16# wallballs, 22 pu's, su's, du's
Round 3: 11 jumps both times, 12# wallball (such a relief!), 22 pu's, su's, du's
Round 4: 1 jump.

Uf da, a good workout! It's definitely good for me to work on my wallballs... I was glad I dropped down to 12# at the end. And glad I started heavy. My double-unders went really well! Last time I tried them, I could only do about 2 in a row, but today I did 20 in a row during my 3rd round!


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