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Friday, December 07, 2007

Sprint Tabata (& a little climbing)

Warm-up: Bike ride to the gym + 1/4 mile jog

Sprint tabata!

Another 1/4 mile jog.

Then I climbed with Scott and about 6 of his classmates who were also there. Definitely fun when there's a crowd. Unfortunately, there were a lot of other people there too, and it was kind of hard to find space on the wall. I only did about 4 runs - my muscles were quickly burning out, and the routes I wanted to do were taken. I felt much better about my climbing than on Tuesday, so that's good!

I did the sprinting on the funny little track in the UC Davis gym - it's on the second floor and goes around the basketball courts and the top of the climbing wall, and at one point you're running down a straight section directly towards a big bank of girls on elliptical trainers. Lots of tight curves - ugh. But, it was good for me to do it with other people around, because it pushed me to run harder and "look good." But no one else was tabata-ing with me, so I didn't have to get nervous about competing/winning (which is always the *worst* part about track practices for me).

Enough rambling. It was a good workout. We had spaghetti w/flax from Trader Joe's for dinner. Time to get back to work. Hot tub later!

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