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Saturday, March 27, 2010

NorCal Sectionals!

10:40 - WOD B
(800m run and as many 75 lb OH squats as possible in 6 minutes)
I finished the run in about 3:30 and got 14 squats - way better than the 6 squats I managed last Saturday! (The winner of the event got 47.)

2:40 WOD A
(10 min of 7 thrusters, 12 KB swings, 7 ctb pull-ups)
I got 3 rounds + 7 +12 + 4 - had a hard time getting my chest to the bar on the last set up pull-ups and had about half my reps discounted. Alas! (Three women tied for first in that event with 6 rounds + 2 thrusters.)

I came in 72 out of 125 = 57th percentile.
I feel pretty good - I think I put in my best effort, and I'm definitely inspired by the women who finished above me. It would have been nice to compete on Sunday too - partly because it's neat to workout with everyone, and partly because I paid $100 to go - but I didn't make the cut. Next year, right?

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