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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Run 5k

Ran a 5k charitable race this morning with two of my friends. I finished in 27:07, which is an 8:44/mile pace. Considering how tight I was from yesterday's Ultimate, that's pretty good!

I decided against the afternoon's tryouts, opting instead for a healthy dose of DC culture.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Lots of Ultimate

Spent 8 hours on the polo fields! A few breaks from Ultimate, but not many. :-)

From 11-2, I was at tryouts for DC's top (Nationals level) women's team. I have no hopes of getting on, but it was great practice to be out with so many talented women. I feel like I played pretty well. Throws were off, but defense was mostly on. And I really like doing drills.

From 2-3, I got stiff and cold. (It was pretty windy and chilly down there.) Numerous people told me how blue my lips were. My legs told me how tight they were...

From 3-7, I played two back-to-back league games. We lost both games, but by fairly narrow margins. I felt like I was still running pretty well at the end of the 2nd game. Fortunately, we had enough subs for the women for both games.

I was very happy to be driven home, rather than having to bike.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm home from Italy and home from Florida... but working 12-hour days is NOT conducive to exercising. Last night I ran home from work, which felt pretty good, and this morning I ran in, which felt even better. But it's far below what I need to be doing to get in shape for the season. Sigh.