Training Adventures

My personal fitness log. Advice, support, constructive criticism, motivation, and other feedback welcome!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things...

Did very little exercise during the three week wedding adventure, so I'm looking forward to getting back into a good exercise routine. Waking up for the 6am CrossFit class this morning was not easy though...

Dynamic warm-up

Cleans: 1 power clean + 2 regular cleans
75# x 3 sets
85# x 2
95# x 1

Push presses: 5 by 5

2k row

Felt good to move heavy weights around again.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Night Train Practice

Uf da, my first practice in 3 weeks! Definitely felt out of shape on the sprinting. Sort of looking forward to being done with Ultimate for the year. Sectionals coming up this weekend, then Regionals two weeks later. I'll start coaching the college women on the 24th already...